Truly Decentralized Universal Verification Layer

What is Metalayer?

Metalayer is a decentralized, modular computation and verification network. It is a proof-of-stake network in which the validators verify arbitrary computation using on-chain and off-chain data and provide the result with a portable attestation. This attestation is inexpensive to verify and can be verified on any supported network.

Verify Any Cryptographic Proofs and Signatures

Metalayer is capable of verifying a wide range of cryptographic proofs and signatures, including zero-knowledge proofs. This functionality ensures that computational results are accurate and reliable, leveraging both on-chain and off-chain data.

Create and Execute Arbitrary Verification Code

Developers can leverage Metalayer to create and execute any arbitrary verification code. By utilizing the decentralized, modular computation and verification capabilities of Metalayer, developers can ensure secure and reliable verification of their computational tasks. This is achieved by running custom verification algorithms within isolated containers, providing results with portable attestations that are both inexpensive and chain-agnostic.


Universal Data and Computation Verification

Metalayer offers a universal network for verifying arbitrary computations and data using on-chain and off-chain data, ensuring high economic security through proof-of-stake and restaking protocols.

Permissionless and Decentralized

No explicit opt-in or whitelisting required, making the network fully permissionless and decentralized.

Censorship-Resistant and Turing Complete

Ensures censorship resistance and supports Turing-complete computation.


Requests can be made and fulfilled on any supported blockchain. .

Economic Security

Leverages staking protocols to enhance economic security, providing fraud-proofs to slash validators on client networks.

Portable Attestations

Results are provided with portable attestations, which can be verified on any supported network, ensuring flexibility and interoperability.


What is Metalayer?

Metalayer is an economic security abstraction and a universal verification layer that offers a network for universal data and computation verification.

What types of data attestation does Metalayer support?

Metalayer supports several types of data attestations, including bridge (cross-chain data attestation) and oracle (off-chain data attestation).

What are the use cases for Metalayer?

Use cases for Metalayer include data attestation for bridges and oracles, data availability attestations, zero-knowledge proof verifications, rollup execution verifications, AI inference and computation verification, and other arbitrary calculations.

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